In the Gallura dialect, Poltu Quatu means "hidden port": the marvelous locality of Sardinia deserves all this intriguing name, as it overlooks the marvelous La Maddalena Archipelago. A corner of paradise, Poltu Quatu in Sardinia is synonymous with unspoiled nature, which is concentrated in what we could define as an Italian fjord shaped by the wind and painted pink granite.

Poltu Quatu, a resort highly appreciated by the VIPs of the Italian and international jet-set, rises as we know it today in 1979. In the '70s, in fact, the spouses Antonio Pulcini and Maria Bice Asara discover, during a boat excursion, the delightful resort that will host tourists from all over the world. Thus, in 2000, the exclusive hotel, designed by Jean Claude le Suisse, was launched in Poltu Quato, the brilliant mind behind the most prestigious buildings on the Costa Smeralda.

Excursions and experiences at Poltu Quatu

Poltu Quartu marina dell'Orso is located between the bay of Liscia di Vacca and Baja Sardinia, opposite the island of Caprera and the islet of the Capuchins. The port, equipped to accommodate up to 311 boats, is perfectly equipped to offer maximum comfort and quality. The crystalline water of the Sardinian fjord, an authentic corner of paradise, is surrounded by beautiful rocky hills and blends on the horizon with the colors of the sky.

For diving enthusiasts, Poltu Quato offers the opportunity to discover the wonders of the sea floor, including guided underwater tours and amazing sightings: among the most fascinating activities, the whale & dolphin watching is unmissable, allowing you to spot the most incredible marine animals in their natural habitat. Common whales, sperm whales, sea turtles and dolphins: a surprising journey to discover a rich marine wildlife that is unmatched. The activities to do in Poltu Quatu never tire: sailing courses for the whole family, football and tennis fields, wellness centers where you can regenerate yourself and discover the beauty of a whole new energy.

Lovers of good food will find in Poltu Quatu some of the most renowned restaurants of the entire Costa Smeralda, to savor the fragrances of the past with a modern twist. The most famous starred chefs in the world will propose fresh fish and genuine ingredients, elaborated with creativity and imagination, respecting the flavors of tradition.

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