Cannigione (in Gallurese Lu Cannisgiòni) is a small village in the municipality of Arzachena. Cannigione in Sardinia was born as a fishing village at the beginning of the twentieth century, but it has grown enormously as an urban and demographic center: it represents a pillar for Sardinian tourism, offering the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of Costa Smeralda, near the village . Those who choose a B & B Cannigione, have the opportunity to sail in the direction of La Maddalena, for an exclusive excursion in the National Park of the Archipelago.

In Cannigione a hotel can offer the chance to be face to face with surprising cultural routes to be discovered. The archaeological area, located near the village, includes the beautiful church of San Giovanni Battista, commissioned by Pope Pius XI in 1930. A visit among Nuraghi and Tombe dei Giganti, masterfully preserved intact from periodic restoration.

Excursions and experiences in Cannigione

Cannigione exclusive beach for all ages and for all visitors: it is a dynamic village ideal for adventurous tourists, eager to discover the most exclusive and incredible places in the area. The sea that surrounds the village has the color of the sky and is home to reeds among which exemplary faunal fauna of rare beauty live.

Diving enthusiasts can enjoy magical excursions on the seabed of Cannigione, where they can observe real benches of Posidonia, a natural habitat for countless species of marine animals that shelter them. Looking up at the sky, it will not be difficult to see a swamp hawk in flight, some black stork and osprey.

The mild climate of Cannigione makes this place an ideal destination both for summer holidays and for holidays in spring. The sea, always warm, is surrounded by the boulders of the coast, delicately smoothed by the wind: the rustle of the typical Mediterranean shrubs brings with it the inebriating scent of juniper, myrtle and mastic, which fascinate and captivate the mind and soul.

Cannigione means history, but also nightlife: bars, trendy clubs, elegant and exclusive nightclubs enliven the evenings of joy and colors. The small fishing village, which has now become an exclusive tourist destination, also offers kiosks along the promenade having to savor refreshing drinks both before and after dinner.

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